Future Generation is a group of companies formed in 1989, based in the south of England. Specialising in high quality kiosk manufacture which includes supply and service, software creation and plastic fabrication. A couple of our biggest strengths is offering customisable generic solutions for a low price and if these do not cater to your needs, we can work with you to produce a hand tailored (bespoke) solution.
Have a bespoke kiosk solution created by our team, designed and constructed to fit directly into your system or choose from a wide range of generic models that can be customised and configured to your needs. We offer a subscription and one time fee based repair & maintenance, where we schedule an engineer to come out on site to resolve any issues.
If you are looking for a software solution, we have some available that can be modified to have a different theme and workflow. Need a bespoke system? Desktop app? Server App? Mobile App? We have you covered, get in contact with the team and we will work with you to bring you idea into reality.
Our plastic cutting facilities which boast 2 of our high powered laser cutting machines with large beds of up to 2.5 meters enabling us to cut and fabricate a wide range of materials and sizes. Certain materials can have the light diffuse through the whole surface which allows us to create some visually appealing lit plastics. Getting started is as simple a requesting a quote and our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
Our engineers vast experience and knowledge enables us to design and manufacture the most cost effective products possible and to work accurately to detail drawings. 1st angle and 3rd angle, specifications supplied by customers.


Unit 5 Cliffe Court, Medway City Estate,
Rochester, Kent, ME2 4GU




+441634 718662

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